Research Projects

Quantum Machine Learning, September 2023 - Present
Working in the maChine Learning and quANtum computing (CLAN) research lab and currently leading the development of a Quantum Self-Attention architecture for computer vision with upcoming publications.

Brain fMRI Task-decoding, May 2023 - Present
Worked on Graph Signal Processing and Brain fMRI fingerprinting utilizing MATLAB and Python.
Implemented feature selection techniques to identify regions of the brain important in task-decoding and classification using ML.
(with Prof. David Shuman at Olin College of Engineering)

DNA Methylation Age Predictor, August 2021 - January 2022
Uses an LSTM model to predict the age of a person from their DNA methylation frequencies.
(with Prof. Vaneet Aggarwal at Purdue University)

DNA Classifier, May 2021 - January 2022
Developed an LSTM model for determining the population group of a person from the genome sequence.
(with Prof. Vaneet Aggarwal at Purdue University)


The Arrival of DNA Data Storage, Medium, July 2021